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A FAQ is bundled with the app and may be accessed under More -> Help within the app for common questions. The most recent version of the FAQ is provided here.


StensaShare FAQ

Welcome to the StensaShare Help FAQ. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions for improving this document.

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If you have questions, comments, issues or concerns with StensaShare, please visit the StensaShare website at or contact us via e-mail at

Using StensaShare

  • Loading a Photo

    Tap on the image button on the upper toolbar. You can either take a photo with your camera or load a photo from the Photo Library.

  • Applying a Stencil

    The bottom toolbar presents all the stencil groups available. There is one free stencil pack called Variety included by default. Stencil Fun Packs may be purchased under More -> “Fun packs”.

    Tapping the group icon will pop up a toolbar containing all the stencils in that pack. Tap the stencil of your choice and it will load at full zoom and centered. It will always be on top of your photo even if you choose your photo after your stencil.

  • Removing a Stencil

    You may toggle a stencil on and off by repeatedly tapping the same stencil icon on the stencil toolbar.

  • Manipulating Your Photo or Stencil

    Your photo may be moved, zoomed and rotated by dragging, pinching and rotating your fingers, respectively. All manipulations via finger gestures apply only to your photo, even if a stencil is loaded.

    Using the layers panel (accessed via the icon on the upper toolbar) allows you to zoom or rotate either your photo or stencil with sliders. A stencil is always centered on the screen and cannot be moved, however it can be zoomed and rotated. The opacity (translucency) of both can be changed too.

    You may adjust contrast, brightness and saturation of your photo through the layers panel as well.

  • Adding Color to Stencils

    Colors and patterns may be accessed via the colors button (paintbrush) on the top toolbar and is only accessible if a stencil is loaded. The Rainbow pack is a free color pack available by default. It contains the seven colors of the rainbow plus black, white and stripes. There are several more color Fun Packs available as in-app purchases.

    Tap on the color or pattern of your choice, and it will be applied to the stencil.

    Directional patterns are applied in reference to the stencil’s original orientation. So if the stencil is rotated, the pattern will be rotated by the same amount.

  • Removing Color from Stencils

    Color or patterns can be removed by reloading the stencil.

  • Adding Text

    Access the text panel by clicking the text button on the upper toolbar. Type your desired phrase in the box and select your choice of font, size and color. Additional color options are added with purchased color Fun Packs, but only for solid colors (not patterns).

  • Editing Text

    Double click on the text and it will load in the text panel for editing.

  • Moving Text

    Once your text is added, click and drag it to the desired location.

  • Deleting Text

    Double click on the text, click “Clear” and then “Save”. This will remove the text.

  • Adding Multiple Phrases of Text

    You may add as many phrases of text as you like. You may delete them as stated above under “Deleting Text.”

  • Sharing

    Your personalized photo can be shared via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or can be saved to your Photo Library. The Instagram option is only displayed if the Instagram app is installed on the device. Facebook and Twitter are available if configured accounts are found. These account settings are located under the General settings of your device.

    The image that is saved or shared is as seen in the port even if your photo and stencil extend beyond the port bounds. They are clipped to the area of the view port.

    Whenever you share, it is automatically logged to your sharing history (unless disabled). You can view your history under More -> History.

  • How to Disable History

    Logging of sharing history may be disabled by turning off “Log sharing history” in More -> Settings.

  • How to Disable Ads

    Ads may be disabled by purchasing the “No Ads Pack” in-app purchase under More -> “Fun packs”. This will add to the height of the view port.

Fun Packs

StensaShare is extendable through Fun Packs. Fun Packs are in-app purchases that give you a larger variety of stencils and colors to choose from. Colors can be solid colors or patterns.

  • How to Purchase Fun Packs

    Fun Packs are listed under More -> “Fun packs”. Tapping on any “+” icon will also take you to this listing. Click on a desired Fun Pack, login to the app store and your Fun Pack will be unlocked and available for you to use.

  • Restoring Fun Packs

    If you re-install StensaShare or upgrade your device, you may find your in-app purchases have disappeared. To remedy this, you will need to restore them. Under More -> Settings, tap “Restore purchases”. You will be prompted to login to the app store and your purchases will be restored. This may take a few minutes.

  • New Fun Packs

    New Fun Packs are added each month. Please update StensaShare often to see what has been added.

Thank you for using StensaShare. Enjoy!