StensaShare to be released in March 2014

Seek Eye Publishing is happy to announce the release of StensaShare for the iPhone.

Here is our copy from the app store:

Shape a moment. Express yourself. Embellish. Share.


With StensaShare it is easy to personalize your photos with fun shapes, splashes of color, cool patterns and text. Then simply share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, e-mail or save to your photo library.


After loading an image from your photo library or taking a photo with the camera, apply the stencil of your choice. Brighten the stencil with hot red or cool blue … or add some funky stripes … or leave it white for a clean, shapely crop. If you want to customize with names or events, simply add the appropriate text in your desired font, color & size.


Stencils are centered in the viewport which may be zoomed & rotated, and images may be moved, zoomed and rotated so they can be oriented the way you like it. Create cool frosted and translucent effects with the opacity control. Brighten and enhance your photo with the brightness, contrast and saturation options.


Can’t remember what you shared? StensaShare optionally logs sharing history for you including thumbnails, sharing methods, dates and times.


StensaShare comes with the Rainbow Color Fun Pack which includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, white and black colors and rainbow stripes. The Variety Stencil Fun Pack is also included which has over 20 stencils such as circles, ovals, rectangles, sun, moon, star shapes … and more!


Want even more stencils, colors and patterns than what StensaShare comes with for free? Optional stencil and color fun packs are available including fun geometric shapes, hearts, expressions, stripes, polka dots, metallic foils … and more!

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